Over the past 80 years Breville has grown to become an iconic Australian brand and has enhanced people’s lives through thoughtful design and brilliant innovation, delivering kitchen products to over 50 countries around the globe. Breville is the kitchen appliance brand that engages people with ‘food thinking’. Delivering innovation and insights that empower people’s potential to do things more impressively or easily than they’d thought possible in their own kitchen.

In May 2013, the Group launched a range of 17 of its premium designed and developed products into the United Kingdom under a new Group owned brand called Sage™. The brand identity and positioning of Sage™ is aligned closely to the new global Breville brand identity and ‘food thinking’ strategy.

For more than 45 years, Kambrook has been synonymous with affordable, quality appliances in Australia and New Zealand that incorporate far more features than you would expect at that price. Today, Kambrook’s ever expanding product range encompasses appliances for the kitchen, from slow cookers to kettles to fry pans, as well as those for the living room, laundry and bedroom, such as irons, vacuums, heaters, electric blankets and fans.